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Making the switch to eco-friendly cleaners

By Paige Hopkins of Beyond Toxics

The increasing popularity of a sustainable lifestyle movement has caused people to look at their own consumption and buying habits.

Following warnings from scientists, the public is catching on to the fact that many chemicals in everyday household products can harm the environment and one’s health. The challenge to interested consumers, however, can be the cost and accessibility of green products. Cheaper products are often imported from countries with few restrictions on chemicals known to cause cancer. Products posing significant health risks are more likely to be marketed to young adults, low-income families and people of color.

There is also a nexus between toxic cleaning products and climate change. The chemical industry uses fossil fuels to make many of its products and is the third-largest producer of greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change. This industry is highly energy intensive and is not always accountable to people’s health and the environment.

After doing their own research, many realize they can switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Visit the Beyond Toxics Green Home Cleaning Campaign to learn about the risks of cleaners, as well as for information on do-it-yourself cleaning products that protect your health, planet and wallet.


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Paige Hopkins is the climate justice organizer with Beyond Toxics, an Oregon- based nonprofit with a mission to provide “leadership to build a community-driven environmental justice movement for a thriving and just Oregon.”

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