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Three easy actions to help your bike ride smoothly

In collaboration with Shift Community Cycles, we asked Jim Nevada, president and co-founder, for advice on bicycle maintenance.

Bicycling is healthy, inexpensive and sustainable. To keep your bicycle happy:

Check the tires

Tires can lose up to five pounds of pressure per day. If you ride often, check your tires once a week. Riding on tires with low pressure can cause flats, damage tires, and make it harder to ride.

Maintain the chain

While checking the tires, lube and clean your chain. A clean chain, appropriately lubed, can make chains last longer and help avoid costly repairs.

Listen while riding

Healthy bicycles are almost silent. Bicycles shouldn’t squeal, buzz, creak, rattle or pop. These sounds are your bike telling you something is wrong, and that you should take it to a friendly bike shop.

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