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Go ‘Green’ for your child’s school

Founded in 1997, Oregon Green Schools (OGS) provides free assistance and support to schools across the state in establishing and maintaining conservation and sustainability programs that shape the next generation of environmental leaders.

We offer several certification tracks, such as “Green Lunchrooms” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Our Green Lunchrooms track is a popular choice, as school lunchrooms are known to generate food waste and garbage, including milk cartons and endless plastic items. With OGS, students, teachers and parent volunteers conduct information-gathering activities such as lunchroom audits and in-person interviews. This data helps form an action plan with projects such as composting and waste prevention education, complete with project deadlines and evaluation metrics.

Lane County schools that complete these activities are eligible for a $500 incentive grant to help schools complete their action plan projects. To learn more about OGS certification, please visit the Partners for Sustainable Schools website at (or email


Joshua Frankel is the regional coordinator for Oregon Green Schools. He is also the program coordinator for the local non-profit Partners for Sustainable Schools ( and can be reached at

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