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FiX iT Lane County

A one-stop shop for local repair enthusiasts

In 2018, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated 2.2 million tons of small appliance waste (think toasters and hair dryers). That’s the equivalent weight of 2.2 million giraffes!

Perhaps even more astounding is that just 5.6% of that total was recycled. Additionally, a whopping 79.5% — or 1.75 million giraffes — were tossed in the trash. What if instead of trashing or even recycling there was a better way? There is: repair.

FiX iT Lane County is dedicated to helping county residents mend and repair the “stuff” that matters to them. Whether it’s an heirloom blanket or an old vacuum, FiX iT empowers users with repair resources that save money and reduce waste. is managed by WasteWise Lane County and supported by the City of Eugene and Toolbox Project. It was conceived to promote a growing “repair movement” designed to help extend the life of items county residents already own.

FiX iT includes an extensive business directory that lists organizations offering various repair services. Businesses wishing to be listed should submit a request form at the site. The site’s event calendar also shares information about upcoming repair events, such as fix-it fairs in Cottage Grove (July 22) and Florence (Sept. 23).


Daniel Hiestand is the Lane County Waste Reduction Outreach Coordinator. He holds a Master of Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University.

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