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Disposing of hazardous waste

Many everyday products contain hazardous ingredients. Some are obvious, such as paints, bathroom cleaners and lawn care products. Others may not be as evident, such as some cosmetics. Disposing of hazardous waste in a responsible manner is critical to having a healthy community.

  • Common household items with a “danger,” “warning,” “caustic,” or “caution” label can become a dangerous pollutant to groundwater and streams when not properly disposed of. Consider the following actions you can take to do the right thing for a healthier planet.

  • If possible, avoid using these products. Not only are they pollutants, they are a risk to children and pets in your home.

  • When you have leftover or unwanted household chemical products, contact Lane County’s Hazardous Waste Collection Center at Glenwood Transfer Station in Eugene for safe disposal. Up to 35 gallons is free for households.

  • Schedule a household appointment online via the free Waste Wise Lane County app at or call (541) 682-4120.

  • Businesses, agencies and organizations that generate small quantities of hazardous waste may be eligible for a business-specific collection program. Learn about eligibility at or call (541) 682-4120.

For our rural customers outside Eugene, hazardous waste disposal events are scheduled several times a year. For dates and locations, visit, call (541) 682-4120, and follow Waste Wise Lane County on Facebook and Instagram.


Chad Ficek is a Lane County Special Waste Supervisor. Born and raised in Lane County, he has worked for Lane County Special Waste for more than 20 years.

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