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Where do lost retainers go?

Perhaps they’re with the missing socks

There must be a parallel universe that contains all of our children’s missing items. It’s a land beyond the school’s lost and found that contains floating earbuds, socks and many pairs of glasses.

Kids are prone to forgetting personal items (and hey, many of us adults are too; life is busy!), which is why we offer retainers for life. Our goal is to take away any worry for parents when it comes to retainers for their children or themselves. It’s important to keep wearing them: after you put in the effort with braces, you want to retain your progress, hence the name retainer. Teeth shift your whole life, so retainers are needed to keep them in place.

With 3D scanning and printing, we are able to print models of your teeth and make in-house retainers which makes it more affordable. With a simple scan, we have a digital record forever. The program starts off with two sets of clear retainers for a low initial fee and a small copay thereafter. We also offer the program to patients who have had treatment elsewhere.

Our retainer for life program is good dental care, and a better plan than waiting until that universe with all of our missing stuff is discovered. Those lost retainers are likely under a giant pile of hoodies.


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