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What kind of birth story do you want?

If you’re pregnant or about to be, you’re likely considering where you want to have your baby. A better question might be, what kind of care do you want? How do you imagine retelling this once-in-a-lifetime story?

Everyone can choose hospital birth with an OB-GYN, but there are other choices. If you are a healthy individual and medically low-risk (most people are), perhaps you’ve thought about birthing with a midwife in a birth center. Midwives have lower rates of interventions, C-sections and labor inductions, making midwifery care a perfect fit for individuals who would like to avoid interventions yet desire a highly skilled practitioner to recognize when they can be lifesaving.

Having a baby at a birth center rather than in a hospital is a different experience. Birth centers are healthcare facilities that are separate from the hospital. They are typically guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, appropriate medical intervention and cost effectiveness. Most insurances, including OHP, pay for most of the costs.

At Oregon Birth and Wellness Center, families receive personalized care in the comfort of our home-like environment. You get to meet our whole team during pregnancy so there are no surprises or strange faces when the day comes to meet your baby. You labor and deliver your baby in a soothing space with experienced, trained Certified Nurse Midwives.

We’re with you throughout your birth experience, and we bring our postpartum, baby wellness and lactation expertise to your home several times within the first week after delivery.

Our philosophy is that pregnancy and birth are beautiful, natural life events, and we help you stay healthy so your birth is as uncomplicated and safe as possible. Ultimately, the most important part of your story is that no matter where you decide to birth, you feel safe, empowered and respected.


Kelly Rickman, CNM, DNP


890 Beltline Road in Springfield


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