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Vision toys and games

Vision is much more than just “20/20.” It is a combination of sub-skills which can be learned and developed. Each of these entertaining gifts builds different foundational visual skills.

Eye Spy Eagle Eye Figure-ground

Concentration, matchVisual memory

Ping-Pong Visual pursuit

JengaEye-hand coordination

Simon Visual memory

Play-doh, clayFine-motor control

Pretend-play toys: dolls, dress-upImagination and visualization

Gravity mazeVisualization

Spot it!Form constancy

BooksVisualization, eye tracking

Legos, Duplo, K’NEXSeveral skills

Chess, checkers, jigsaw puzzlesSeveral skills

Rubik’s Cube, ball mazeVisual perception

Coloring booksEye-hand coordination

Many screen-based activities and games provide so much stimulation that a child’s brain is overwhelmed with observing rather than developing the abilities to create, visualize, imagine and problem solve. This gift-giving season, consider giving games and activities that enhance a child’s brain and assist in their vision development. For more information on each of these foundational visual skills and an excellent child development timeline, visit


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