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Vacations for grown-ups

Whether it’s a romantic escape, fun friend adventure or flying solo, mom vacays are a must.

As MOMs, our daily lives revolve around taking care of our families. I love a family vacation and traveling with my kids; however, once you experience an adult-only vacation, it is a whole different level. A vacation without the kids can do wonders for your mental health and make you a better parent when you return. Here are some ideas to have a romantic escape with your partner, a relaxing trip with other couples or a fun-filled experience with your girlfriends…

All-inclusive resorts

The ideal destination from Oregon is a high-quality, adults-only, all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or Mexico. Having everthing you could ever want included for one price makes this one of the most relaxing vacations you can take.

Within the resorts, all of your meals, drinks, room service, activities and entertainment are included. Be aware that there are variances in what resorts consider “adult-only.” Some resorts are geared to all-ages and have one building or area that is designated for adults-only, but the majority of restaurants, pools and entertainment take place in the all-ages areas. This is not a true escape: a real adult-only resort does not allow anyone under the age of 18 on the property (although there are a few that start at age 16).

There are big differences in quality and atmosphere among resorts. They all look like paradise in the photos but use a professional travel agent to make sure your expectations match the reality. I’m a fan of the Secrets, Breathless and Sandals resorts, although even among those brands, there are various features that may or may not appeal to you in each location. There are some Club Med locations that are adult-only, and independent resorts such as the Valentin Imperial that I love to visit and to send clients to. I’ve had many clients (mostly husbands) that were unsure if they would like these resorts, and every one of them have come back thrilled and ready to go again.

Adult-only cruises

Until recently, the only options for an adult-only cruise were expensive and geared towards older passengers such as Viking Ocean Cruises and Viking River Cruises. Now we have Virgin Voyages that are designed for an exciting adult-only experience with lots of nightlife, trendy restaurants, fitness classes, cutting-edge entertainment and a very lively atmosphere. The ships are all less than 3 years old and are technologically advanced with Wi-Fi included. They sail in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific with cruises from four nights to 14 nights.

From our area, a week-long cruise in the Caribbean is the most accessible trip for a grown-up escape. Virgin Voyages does not include alcoholic drinks in their cruise rate but they offer many promotions that include a bar tab for a set amount. I’m so happy we finally have this great cruising option for adults!

Getting away To make your vacation worry-free, print a daily schedule with phone numbers and addresses for the kids’ activities to give to their caretakers. Plan some fun things for them to do while you are away. Tell everyone you will call home once a day (no constant texting). Make an agreement to put cell phones and laptops in the hotel safe so you can be in the moment without work and family interfering. Don’t start an expectation of gifts for the children when you return. You don’t want to waste precious vacation time searching for knick-knacks. If you plan it right, the kids will be having a great time at home while you love every minute being away.

An adult vacation should recharge you and make you appreciate all the aspects of your real life. Take the steps to make this happen — you’ll be glad you did.


Meet Vacation MOM

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Donnita Bassinger lives in Eugene with her husband and is a mom to three boys. She has been a travel agent for almost 40 years and loves traveling with and without her children. She is the owner of VIP Vacations, Inc and would be happy to chat with you about your travel plans.


Contact Donnita at 541-913-5272 or on facebook @VacationMOM


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