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The fourth trimester

The fourth trimester is the 12 weeks after giving birth, and it is a tender, vulnerable time of establishing a thriving environment for babies and parents.

Many new moms are surprised to learn that the fourth trimester is just as important as the first three in terms of their own health. The new little one gets much of the focus, but mom’s healing and breastfeeding body needs specific care. As midwives, we provide healthcare to both mom and baby.

The first week of caring for a newborn at home can be exhausting, especially for moms who are still very much postpartum. That’s why for the first week after you deliver, we come to your home to provide care. Our team will see you in your home several times within the first week for baby weight checks, lactation support and your own health and healing, as well as provide encouragement and connection with local resources.

After the first week of home visits, we see you at the birth center at two, four and six weeks, and beyond, with careful attention to your unique needs. We also offer a free drop-in group called Milky Weigh Wednesdays, for parents and newborns seeking lactation support, weigh-ins for baby and much-needed connection with others.

We partner with you to guide your physical recovery, care and feeding of your infant, mental health and so much more. Our holistic approach not only looks after the physical health and safety of mom and baby, but attends to the emotional and social needs of a new mom and their family.

The first precious months with a newborn bring a range of emotions, growth and needs for both you and your baby. At Oregon Birth and Wellness, we offer comprehensive postpartum care that sets the stage for lifelong health and wellbeing.


Kelly Rickman, CNM, DNP


890 Beltline Road in Springfield


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