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The dog ate my retainer

And other reasons we offer lifetime retainers

“I left it on my lunch tray” "I could have sworn I put it back in its case!"

We’ve heard it all when it comes to retainers breaking or going missing. There’s the old “I left it on my lunch tray” mishap. The “I could have sworn I put it back in its case!” moment. And of course, the dogs who turn them into chew toys.

Our goal is to take away any worry for parents when it comes to retainers for their children or themselves. It’s important to keep wearing them: after you put in the effort with braces, you want to retain (hence the name, retainer) your progress. Teeth shift your whole life, so retainers are needed to keep them in place.

With 3D scanning and printing, we are able to print models of your teeth and make in-house retainers which makes it more affordable. With a simple scan, we have a digital record of your teeth forever. The program starts you off with two sets of clear retainers for a low initial fee and a small co-pay thereafter.

We also offer the lifetime retainer program to patients who have had treatment elsewhere. It’s good dental care for all, and peace of mind for patients. This program makes it easier to keep loving your dog!


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