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Start off your new year Shipshape & Organized

Here’s a plan (call it a New Year’s resolution, if you want) to start 2021 off right.

Goal #1:

Make a list of the rooms in your home and assign a week in 2021 to tackle that space. Start with your most used space first, like the kitchen. Account for all rooms, including the laundry room, garage, etc.

Goal #2:

In each week, use the following checklist:

  • Declutter: Place any items you no longer need into categories of garbage, donate/yard sale, and rehome. Rehome is for items that belong elsewhere in your house or that you’d like to give to someone else.

  • Shipshape: Wipe down all shelves, cabinets, the inside of drawers and baseboards. Clean mirrors and windows, and then the floors (under and behind furniture too).

  • Organize: Put every item in its appropriate place, and organize them how it’s most useful to you.

  • Remove: Take out the garbage, drop off donations or put yard sale items in a pile, and move items to their appropriate homes.

  • Plan: Make a list of any items you need to replace or restock, and buy them the next time you shop.

Your spring cleaning list just got a lot shorter because most of it will already be complete. What a great way to start off the new year.


Brought to you by:

Megan Warren

Professional Organizer

SOS Shipshape & Organized Spaces



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