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Spring clean your pet items

Keep your pet safe and healthy by cleaning their bowls, toys, accessories and other supplies.

Get rid of old, expired medications. After medications expire, they are no longer as effective. They could also do more harm than good to your beloved family pet.

Inspect toys for damage. If there’s a squeaker part that you can see, it is a hazard to your pet. Any visible rips or shredded fabric can end up down the stomach of your pet; prevent this by actively getting rid of toys that are beyond repair.

Most fabric toys can be machine washed and dried. The same often goes for collars, harnesses and leashes. Don’t forget to wipe down the toy bin, and hand wash hard rubber and plastic items like Kongs.

Clean food and water bowls. Pet owners know that clear slippery funk that seems to accumulate on pets’ bowls. Clean with warm soapy water until the film is gone, and be sure to rinse thoroughly. We prefer stainless steel over plastic or ceramic bowls, as steel is more durable and less likely to cause “kitty acne” (yes, that it a real thing). If you feel comfortable doing so, run your pets’ bowls through your dishwasher.

Ditch bedding that is ripped or stained. A distressed pet with a penchant for fabric is not a good candidate for a super fluffy bed. Stained bedding can be confusing if your pet suffers from any type of incontinence.

Brushes and combs need a good cleaning, too. Remove all visible fur, and soak in warm water with a dash of liquid soap. Rinse, shake off excess water and let air dry.


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Emily Kalenius, DVM


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