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Preparing for the birth of your baby

Childbirth is one part of the journey to parenthood. At Oregon Birth and Wellness Center, we recognize that the journey starts well before then. That’s why we offer classes on prenatal and postpartum nutrition, infant care and breastfeeding that nourish the body, mind and spirit.

We partner with Eugene Birth and Family for help with educating patients on childbirth. The class taught by Tiffany Grantom, Certified Childbirth Educator, focuses on all birth settings. The four-part series provides a comprehensive look at the process of birth, and gives tools, practice tips and mental frameworks. After attending The Birth Informed childbirth class, our patients report they felt well equipped to cope with labor and birth. Many have expressed feeling informed about their choices and how to advocate for themselves. Many soon-to-be dads have reported feeling the desire to be more involved in the process of childbirth after attending with their partners.

The breastfeeding class taught by Holly Russell, IBCLC, RN, is a great way to get to know her before she sees you postpartum for lactation visits. Holly helps parents understand the feeding needs of their newborn as well as highlighting the benefits of human milk. She discusses the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your infant including temperature regulation, blood sugar regulation and bonding.

During pregnancy, patients are invited to attend prenatal and postnatal nutrition classes taught by Rachel Strout, MS. If you develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy she has a class that covers that as well. She teaches parents the nutritional demands needed during pregnancy and explains how to prepare meals so you can meet these demands in your diet. She also makes guilt-free brownies during some of her classes.

Beyond these core classes we recognize that some families are coming to us after a traumatic birth and a place of fear. We know there is more to a person than just prenatal care, and we aim to address the needs of the whole person. Our class “Overcoming fear in pregnancy and childbirth” addresses the trauma and fears associated with past experiences and helps the person feel confident in their abilities to cope and make informed decisions.

The birth center also hosts local midwives and other birth workers who use our space to educate the community. Christy Pellicer, CPM, teaches the postpartum wellness class, “Navigating the 4th Trimester.” The core classes offered at Oregon Birth and Wellness Center are part of the care we provide for our patients; however anyone in the community is welcome to sign up for one of our classes.

We are always looking for ways to provide further educational opportunities for families and are currently working on developing a parent CPR class that will be available soon. Visit us online at to see our many offerings.


Crystal Massey, CNM, MSN


890 Beltline Road in Springfield


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