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Navigating orthodontic insurance

Having orthodontic insurance is a great benefit on many dental plans. However, it can seem difficult navigating how, where and when you are able to use it. We aim to clarify some of the more confusing aspects of orthodontic insurance.

Many insurance plans have a lifetime maximum of $1000 to $3000. This amount can only be used once for a patient and does not renew yearly. Because of this, your full orthodontic benefit can likely be used at any orthodontic office, meaning they do not need to be “in network” with your insurance provider. This is great because you can choose any office for treatment and not be tied to a short list of providers.

One other big consideration is age limit. Many plans only offer coverage until the patient is 18 years old. If your child is getting close to this age, start your orthodontic treatment as soon as possible to be able to use your orthodontic benefit.

Lastly, filing claims can be daunting. Our office has insurance specialists who can help you navigate the complexities of your plan. Call us for a free consultation and a free assessment of your orthodontic benefits.


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