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Motion sickness and vision

Vision is a key way we understand what is happening around us. This includes knowing how other people and objects are moving, as well as feedback on our own body position and motion.

If our brain is getting mismatched signals from each of our two eyes, or incompatible information when comparing our vision and balance sensations, we can get a queasy feeling in our stomachs. This can cause car sickness/motion sickness, as well as issues with reading, 3-D movies or even VR head- sets. Concussions can lead to these vision issues as well.

Options for resolving these mismatches may include small amounts of prism ground into your eyeglass lenses when they are being made, or a consult for vestibular evaluation and vestibular therapy.

Everyone needs an eye exam every year, starting at age 6 months. If you or your children suffer from motion sickness, tell us at your next exam. We’re here to help.


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