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MOMS You deserve a getaway!

Quiz: How do you know if you need a mom getaway?
  1. You can’t remember the last time you finished a conversation with a girlfriend.

  2. You have any of these in your purse: a binky, a diaper and/or broken crayons.

  3. Your dance parties feature music from Bluey and Paw Patrol.

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time. The last few years have been tough. While most of us have loved the extra time with our families, we’re also in desperate need of a break.

A happy mom is a good mom. So what makes a mom happy?

A getaway with her closest girlfriends to do all the things she loves and rarely gets a chance to do. Think sightseeing, shopping, sleeping late, relaxing, eating at non-kid-friendly restaurants, getting dressed-up, drinking cocktails, dancing, having a massage, sunbathing and more.

The most important ingredient is having uninterrupted time with friends. Some groups do high adventure sporty vacations, while others opt for spa trips or focus on an activity such as crafting or playing Bunco. It’s up to you and your friends to decide what is most important and make it happen. The key is to make it an escape from your everyday grind so you come home feeling recharged and ready to tackle your real life.

Most of us can only escape for a few days, and we may have girlfriends living all over the country, so location is important. A destination you can reach via a non-stop flight from our local airport will make your trip much easier. Sunshine is a key ingredient for many getaways, although a ski-trip can be a fun option in the winter. Some destinations that satisfy all the requirements:

Las Vegas: Flights are quick and can be cheap from all over the country. Gathering your friends to see a favorite entertainer is easy in 2022 or 2023 when performers include Silk Sonic, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Usher and John Legend. Fly from Eugene non-stop on Allegiant Airlines and Southwest.

Los Angeles: In Southern California you can have any type of vacation you like: beach, culture, big city, spa or adventure. Hollywood is a fun place to spend a few days as you can tour movie star homes, go to hot spots you see on social media, shop on Rodeo Drive, go to a taping of your favorite TV show and keep an eye out for celebrities. New non-stop flights have been added via Avelo to Burbank. United, Allegiant and Alaska have non-stop flights to LAX. Allegiant takes you non-stop to Orange County.

San Francisco/Bay Area: You can have many different types of vacations in and around San Francisco. Napa Valley is ideal for spending quality time with friends, visiting wineries and explor- ing quaint towns. Southwest just added non-stop flights to San Jose, Allegiant flies non- stop to Oakland and United goes non-stop to SFO.

Phoenix/Mesa: Sunshine is a big draw in Arizona and there are lots of resorts with beautiful pools and drink service directly to your lounge chair. Hiking and visiting spas in Sedona is popular for girls’ trips. Non-stop flights are available via Allegiant, which flies to the Mesa/Phoenix airport, and American Air- lines which has service to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

Denver: Summer visits to the mountains are beautiful in Colorado, and this destination is superb for winter skiing. United Airlines will get you to Denver non-stop.

Creating a private Facebook Group is a great way to communicate with your friends as you plan your adventure and share your photos afterwards. Having an escape to look forward to makes it easier to be the best mom you can be!

10 Rules for a girls’ getaway
  1. This is about being with your friends and not taking care of other people.

  2. Limit phone calls and texts to home to once per day (unless there is a real emergency). Be in the moment.

  3. Any reading material of literary merit will be thrown into the pool.

  4. Shopping for children or spouses is not allowed.

  5. Shopping for yourself is highly encouraged.

  6. Use a group fund where everyone contributes a set amount of money to pay for rides, tips, etc.

  7. Don’t over-schedule yourselves.

  8. No doing laundry, cleaning or cooking.

  9. Carefully choose the friends you travel with (avoid drama).

  10. Know that you deserve this time and you’ll be a better mom when you return.

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Donnita Bassinger is a certified travel consultant and master cruise counselor. She is the owner of VIP Vacations, Inc. and lives in Eugene with her family. She has been planning and participating in girlfriends’ getaway vacations for over 30 years.

Contact Donnita at 541-913-5272 or on facebook @VacationMOM


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