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Is my child old enough for contact lenses?

Contact lenses have come a long way in materials and comfort

Generally, the answer to this is based on the child having adequate responsibility to care for their eyes and the medical device (contact lens). Contact lenses have been safely used with toddler-age children for certain medical conditions, demonstrating that there is no hard rule of a minimum age for wearing contacts.

Most offices have one-on-one training for new wearers. The education piece is crucial because contact lenses have the potential to cause permanent damage and vision loss if not fit and cared for properly. The fitting process is generally a minimum of two visits: one to provide training and dispense diagnostic lenses, and a follow-up appointment to confirm that the contact lens is fitting well and providing good vision.

Ask your optometrist about the most recent technology. Contact lenses have had some breakthrough developments in materials and comfort, with products such as daily disposables, silicone-hydrogel lenses, UV protection, auto-darkening contacts (transitions), and multi-focals. An experienced optometrist can guide you and your child in the best fit for needs and lifestyle.


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