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How to prepare for childbirth

We know that the most important factor in how someone experiences childbirth, both the joy and the difficulty, is how they are treated in labor. The way we are talked to and cared for truly matters. Having a caring team that explains, informs and involves patients in care is essential to patient satisfaction.

Even when things don’t go as planned, having a positive relationship with your provider can help lessen trauma. Midwifery care is focused, first and foremost, on fostering trusting relationships, where patients are highly involved in their own care and decisions. We recommend preparing for childbirth by first picking providers you genuinely feel comfortable with, have mutual respect with and trust. Childbirth education is another great way to prepare, in addition to your prenatal care. Lactation classes and birth classes help you consider the many what-ifs coming your way. In-person and virtual options abound for different types of childbirth classes. Many pregnant people engage in healthy habits during pregnancy that are great prep for postpartum self-care, like yoga, exercise classes, walking, massage and acupuncture.

Talking about your hopes and concerns for pregnancy and birth with your provider can help prepare you mentally for birth. Many people identify the need for additional mental health support in pregnancy or postpartum. Nurse-midwives approach childbirth preparation holistically, and delight in witnessing the amazing events of birth.

Lactation Corner

Pain, discomfort and confusion are common issues in the early days of feeding your baby. It’s important to get help as soon as problems arise. Lactation counselors have tips and tricks for immediate and long-term relief from common lactation issues. McKenzie Midwives offer same-day and next-day lactation visits to the entire Eugene/Springfield community.


Anne Ziemba, MSN, CNM

McKenzie Midwives & Lactations Services

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