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Helping your anxious pet through fireworks

Fireworks are bright, bold and beautiful, but for some of our four-legged friends, they can be very scary. Below are some tips to ease their stress during this otherwise festive time of year.

Give your pet a quiet, safe space to retreat to. This could be a kennel draped with blankets to help dampen the sound. Play music or white noise. Keep windows closed and run your home’s A/C or fan system to muffle outside noise.

Consider helpful products like a Thundershirt, which is a snug wrap designed to reduce anxiety (think a strong but gentle hug). Mutt Muffs are noise muffling ear covers designed to fit dog ears, and Adaptil is a dog-appeasing pheromone that comes in a collar, spray or plug-in diffuser.

Offer favorite toys and food treats, such as a Kong toy filled with plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and/or treats. Pro-tip: these can be frozen to last longer.

Prescription medications may be necessary for moderate to severe cases of noise phobia. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss options. Often, clinic appointments fill up in the weeks before the holiday, so scheduling well in advance ensures that your pet will be seen, as well as have prescriptions ready.

Double-check that your doors, gates and fences are closed and secure. Some pets will attempt to run away when frightened, therefore it’s important to ensure they are kept in a secure area.

Our pets provide us with joy and comfort throughout the year, and the Fourth of July

is a time when we comfort them. With proper planning, you can get your beloved pet through the holiday.


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Emily Kalenius, DVM


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