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Get outdoors with your canine friend

Enjoy the best of the Pacific Northwest this season by taking your trail buddy with you on outdoor adventures. To keep them safe:

Choose your destinations wisely. Some places, like most National Parks, may allow dogs through the gates, but not on the trails. Do your homework before hitting the road.

Plan your pack. A leash and poop bags are a must…but what about booties, a collapsible water dish, or extra food for your furry friend? If your pet is able to carry a backpack, fill it with their essentials.

Watch the temperature. As the mercury rises, temperatures can become intolerable and even deadly in an enclosed car (imagine stopping at a gas station or a rest area). Even at 75 degrees, an enclosed vehicle can quickly become dangerous.

Follow proper trail etiquette. Keep your pet leashed when required and always in voice control. Be respectful of all visitors! Every year dogs have dangerous encounters with wildlife. Consider the ecosystem — your dog may come upon rattlesnakes, porcupines, bobcats, cougars, or birds of prey. As a general rule, keeping your pet on the trail and leashed minimizes the potential dangers. Seek immediate medical attention for any bites or injuries.

Recover from the day. Just as you may need to recover from a long day at the river, on the trail, or at the beach, so will your companion. Check them for ticks, check their paws for abrasions and lacerations, and ensure they are adequately hydrated and fed following a long day of fun.


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Emily Kalenius, DVM


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