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Flying out of Eugene is easy-breezy

The Eugene Airport now offers more airlines and flights than ever before. There are seven airlines with flights from our local, convenient airport: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, American Airlines, Avelo, Delta, United and Southwest.

Each airline serving the Eugene Airport offers something unique.

Alaska Airlines | Alaska Airlines offers non-stop flights to Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle with connections to destinations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Alaska Airlines offers the most flights from Eugene Airport. They are based out of Seattle and are proud of their Northwest roots.

Allegiant | Allegiant began in 1997 and offers low fares on non-stop, all-jet service. From Eugene you can fly non-stop to Las Vegas, Orange County and Mesa (near Phoenix). New flights were just added to Austin, Texas. Flights usually operate two or three times per week to each destination.

American Airlines | American Airlines flies daily non-stop flights from Eugene to Dallas/

Fort Worth and Phoenix. From those cities you can catch connecting flights to 350 cities around the world. American Airlines is the largest airline in the world.

Avelo | Avelo Airlines began in 2021. They fly four days per week non-stop to the Hollywood Burbank airport using Boeing 737 aircraft with 189 seats. This flight offers low fares and easy access to the attractions of Southern California. They also offer flights to Palm Springs from fall through spring.

Delta | Delta can fly you to almost 300 destinations in 50 countries, starting from Eugene. They offer daily non-stop flights to Salt Lake City and Seattle, where you can connect to flights anywhere you want to go.

Southwest | Southwest started its service to Eugene Airport in 2021. The low-cost airline offers daily non-stop flights to Burbank, Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, San Jose and seasonal flights to San Diego.

In June they begin flights to Sacramento. From Eugene you can connect to destinations throughout the U.S., including Hawaii and to Mexico. Southwest sets themselves apart by offering free checked and carry-on bags, and no change fees for any of their fares.

United | United Airlines was the first airline to serve Eugene Airport in 1944 and has been providing flights to our community since then. Today they operate daily non-stop flights to Denver and San Francisco. From Eugene you can connect to 210 destinations in the United States and 140 international airports.

Get great prices

It’s important to know that you can only find pricing information for Allegiant, Avelo and Southwest Airlines flights on their websites. They do not appear on travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak or Google Flights.

More reasons to love the Eugene Airport

Parking | Compared to PDX, locals know how easy it is to get from car to concourse at the Eugene Airport — the convenient parking lot is only steps away from the entrance. Short-term is $28 per day, and long-term is $19 per day. You can walk across the road and use Economy Parking for $13 per day. Note that that there are no shuttles.

Restaurants & Gift Shops | The Willamette Grill is available for visitors and pre-security passengers as well as travelers who have gone through security. This full-service restaurant and bar is open daily from early morning until the evening. In the A-Gate area (upstairs) you will find the Coast to Cascades Café offering sandwiches, pizza, gourmet coffee, snacks and a remodeled bar.

If you are looking for souvenirs from Oregon, reading materials, unique gifts or snacks, they can be found at three locations within the airport. Pure Northwest is located in the terminal lobby (before security screening), upstairs in the A-Gate area and at their new B-Gate location.

There are free water bottle filling stations located past security screening so you can bring empty water bottles and do your part to protect our environment.

Lactation Suites | Nursing moms will be happy to know that there are two lactation suites available. These private areas offer comfortable seating and charging stations, and are located near the top of the escalators past security.

Airport Navigators | The Eugene Airport Navigators are volunteers who can be found at the information booth and roaming the terminal, ready to provide flight information, driving directions and tourism information. Be sure to look for them if you have any questions.

Get those Great Deals | Again, travelers need to remember to shop for flights on Allegiant, Avelo and Southwest Airlines on each airline’s website, as their great deals do not appear in aggregated travel searches.

Now that you know how easy it is to fly from Eugene Airport, it is time to start traveling. Contact a travel agent to plan a vacation today!


Meet Vacation MOM

Vacation MOM is brought to you in partnership with Eugene Airport

Donnita Bassinger is a busy mom of three who lives in Eugene and is active in many local charities. She has been a travel agent in Oregon for 30 years and witnessed many changes to the Eugene Airport. As the owner of VIP Vacations, she is happy to chat with you about your travel plans.    

Contact Donnita at 541-913-5272 or on facebook @VacationMOM


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