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Choosing a baby carrier

Using a carrier to keep your baby close is an ancient practice around the world. Carrying or “babywearing” increases lactation, decreases crying and can decrease the stress of both parent and baby.

Carrying is a safe practice when basic guidelines are followed — universal safety tips include keeping baby up close enough to kiss with their chin off their chest and their airway always visible. Tips for selecting a good carrier:

Consider your priorities. Stretchy wrap keeps newborns secure both at home and during transit. If you want a carrier that is easy to nurse in and quickly gets baby in and out, a ring sling is a great option. Buckle carriers, back carrying-style, woven wraps…there are numerous options. Note that some can be used only with a newborn, while others last through preschool.

Incorporate your style. Carriers come in infinite variations of color, texture and design. Choosing an aesthetic that brings you joy can be a small but important boost in the often emotional and challenging post-birth phase.

Test them out. If you’re able to try out different carriers, it will be more likely that you and baby can use one for long periods. Even carriers that look effortless can benefit from adjustments by a trained carrying educator.

Visit the Nurturely Lounge to test out beautiful handwoven carriers from Black and Indigenous-owned companies. Join our soon-to-launch Carrier Exchange, a monthly membership program that allows caregivers to bring home a different carrier each month.


Visit our new Perinatal Lounge at 56 East 15th Avenue in Eugene.

Emily Little (she/her), PhD, is a perinatal health researcher, educator, and advocate. She is the founder and executive director of Nurturely, a nonprofit promoting equity in perinatal wellness and strengthening cultures of support for infants and caregivers. /

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