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Carrying & feeding, What’s the connection?

Parents around the world intuitively understand the benefits that come from carrying baby close to your body, commonly known as “babywearing.” But what’s the science behind this practice?

Until recently, there were only a handful of scientific studies exploring the connection between carrying and health outcomes. Nurturely recently published results from a study testing the effect of infant carriers on infant feeding outcomes. The study — published in June 2021 in the peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics — adds new evidence to the many ways that infant carrying benefits parents and babies: After a six-month intervention where only half of the parents received an ergonomic baby carrier, parents in the carrier group were more likely to be breastfeeding or feeding expressed milk at six months (68%) than control group parents (40%).

In our world where parents are overburdened already, breastfeeding adds a heavy weight as one of the most difficult tasks a new parent will undertake. This new research from Nurturely points to a simple way to help parents reach their breastfeeding goals: providing infant carriers to increase parent-infant contact.

Though carrying may look effortless, hands-on help with your infant carrier can greatly increase the comfort and ease of this practice for both you and baby. Parents in Eugene can now get free infant carrying support at Nurturely’s new Perinatal Lounge. Email for details.


Visit our new Perinatal Lounge at 56 East 15th Avenue in Eugene.

Emily Little (she/her), PhD, is a perinatal health researcher, educator, and advocate. She is the founder and executive director of Nurturely, a nonprofit promoting equity in perinatal wellness and strengthening cultures of support for infants and caregivers. /

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