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Back-to-school checklist

☑ school supplies

☑ haircut

☑ new shoes

eye exam

Clear, comfortable and efficient vision is key to setting your child up for success. Children often don’t know that their vision is different than it should be, meaning you can’t wait for them to tell you there’s an issue.

A comprehensive eye exam is still recommended even if your child passes a school or pediatrician’s screening, as these screenings have been shown to miss up to 75% of vision problems. Pediatricians often have devices called SPOT screeners, but they do not measure eye health or 20/20 score (visual acuity).

Eye care professionals with specialized equipment can measure a child’s vision for prescription, eye health and visual acuity. For children too young for reading, we use a series of symbols called Cardiff Cards or Lea Symbols, which work well for determining how a child is seeing the world.

So while you’re planning for all those back-to-school (in person!) needs, be sure to put vision health near the top.

Source: College of Optometrists in Vision Development


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