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A healthy diet is important for your child’s teeth

Food choices and eating patterns can affect whether your child has problems like tooth decay and cavities.

A healthy diet that limits sugary beverages and snacks is good for overall well-being as well as for healthy teeth.

A steady supply of sugary foods and drinks, including sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks, can damage teeth. Acid from sugary foods and drinks can attack teeth for 20 minutes or longer. Over time, tooth decay can happen, and cavities can form.

Offer water when your child is thirsty and nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts and cheeses if your child is hungry. These are healthier options than giving them cookies, crackers (those popular fish-shaped ones are a major culprit), candy, potato chips and other sweet or sticky foods. Save sweets as an ending for mealtime, when the mouth makes more saliva to help rinse out food particles.

Try these teeth-healthy snacks:

  • Fruit smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk

  • Celery sticks filled with all-natural, no-sugar-added peanut butter

  • Cheese plate with sliced meats

  • Fruit kabobs

  • Crunchy veggies with dip or hummus


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