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Why design-builds make sense

There’s a big difference between hiring a builder versus hiring a design-build firm. The most obvious part is the word “design,” and it’s an important one when it comes to planning your project.

A builder will likely do whatever you ask them to do. But many homeowners get stuck in an endless loop of wondering how to make their space work properly. Kitchens are by far the most popular spaces to remodel, and they bring up loads of questions: Should we take this wall down? Should we put in a pot filler? What type of countertops are best?

A good design-build firm will have an experienced interior designer who will walk your space with you, learn your wants, needs and pain points, then offer suggestions you might not even have considered. They are able to marry the functionality and aesthetics of a space and hone in on your unique style.

In the design phase, we take the time to talk about every inch of your kitchen. We find ways to utilize each and every millimeter of your cabinetry, with innovative blind-corner pieces, hidden trash cans and many other pieces. Working with a design-build team often gets you facetime with your custom cabinet maker as well, who may have even more creative ideas thanks to years of experience.

There’s a constant stream of clever new items on the market. Explore the possibilities of using electronics in the kitchen, such as a family tablet with either entertainment for idle hands, or even sharing a recipe with small cooks around you. From tablet docking stations to Wi-Fi-enabled sink faucets, a good designer will walk you through the pros and cons of new products and how they might work in your space.

One of the distinctive features of design-build firms is the ability to harmonize the design and con-

struction phases. Design-build firms handle everything from permits to coordinating trades. Bringing all scheduling together allows for timeline control, aside from extenuating circumstances, ensuring you have a solid project schedule and end date you can count on.

Leaning on your design-build firm’s years of experience will allow for a lower-stress process. Look for firms with good reputations, especially long-standing ones. Remodeling can be daunting, but a design-build firm simplifies the process.


Rylee Henderer | DESIGNER

Rylee Henderer grew up around construction job sites, sweeping up endless sawdust in the shop. She formally joined her family’s business in 2017 and learned everything from demolition and framing, to tile and cabinetry installation. From there, Rylee grew into client management, and along the way found a love for design. She is now a full-time designer, creating beautiful, innovative spaces for Henderer Design + Build + Remodel. / 541-753-5660

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