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When you need dinner quicker

Sometimes life comes at you fast, meaning dinner needs to come quicker. When that happens, count on the Co-op. We’ve always got good — and quick — ways to feed the whole family.

First Alternative Budget Bites are the Co-op’s free meal plan series dedicated to stretching your grocery budget and making your time in the kitchen and grocery store more efficient. Every edition includes six unique and affordable recipes along with a detailed shopping list. Free copies of the latest edition can be found in-store and online at, where you’ll also find back-issues.

The Co-op Deli Grab ’N’ Go coolers and Salad Bar are always stocked with natural, delicious meal options direct from the Co-op Kitchen, like seasonal salads, sides and heat-and-eat entrees like Yam & Black Bean Quesadillas and Vegan Enchiladas. Hungry for more? Our self-serve salad bars are stuffed with organic veggies and tons of fresh fixings, and we have a rotating menu of seasonal soups, available pre-packed or hot and ready-to-eat. We do the cooking and you save time!


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Two locations in Corvallis 1007 SE 3rd • 541-753-3115 2855 NW Grant • 541-452-3115

Open daily

Come to First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op for all of your grocery needs. It’s the natural choice.

Jasmin Woodside of First Alternative Co-op and her children.


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