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What to keep (and not to keep) in your car for winter

Think of it as a naughty and nice list.


  • The basics: jumper cables, a filled spare tire with necessary tools, and a first aid kit

  • Clean masks. Just not dangling from your rearview mirror or any other place that obstructs your view.

  • Spare blankets, towels, coats, gloves, etc.

  • Spare diapers, wipes, crackers and other age-appropriate, non-perishable supplies to keep kids content.

  • Cheap sunglasses: extreme temperatures can make them prone to breaking, so don’t leave your nice ones in the car.

  • Bag of sand or non-clumping cat litter

  • A shovel. A folding one will often fit in a cargo space holder.

  • An ice scraper and chains for snowy places

  • A working flashlight and flares


  • You know this already because you are smart: kids and pets should never be left alone in vehicles.

  • Anything you don’t want stolen, including documents with credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

  • Hand sanitizer: while cold temperatures are not as likely to impact alcohol-based types, play it safe and keep it in your purse. Same for sunscreen.

  • Electronics

  • Christmas presents that are sensitive to temperature

  • Beverages: they can explode or go bad

  • Aerosol-type cans and canned goods

  • Medications


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Meet Kristina Minahan

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