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Trick my ride

The new 2021 Toyota Sienna is a dream rig, and not just for families but for life in general, whether you’re commuting or camping.

When you’re choosing options and accessories, there are, of course, the practical needs. But then there are fun options you didn’t even know you wanted until now. Let’s explore...

Practical to have

All-weather floor liners

We live in Oregon, so you’ll need good, waterproof floor liners. And get the door sill protectors too, because of dogs, kids and humans.

Parking assistance

Strangers on the street can go ahead and gawk. This feature uses radar, sonar and what seems like magic to practically parallel park itself.

Hands-free entry

Sometimes you don’t know you need something until you get it, and it changes your life for the better. For instance, hands-free power sliding doors. When you have a heavy baby in one arm and a drooping diaper bag in the other, the last thing you want to do is go fishing for keys. Instead, you use your foot: with just a little kicking motion, voila, the doors open!

...And just plain fun to have

Wifi is life: all the cool techie stuff

You can easily connect to the internet with the Sienna’s in-vehicle Wifi hot spot. There are also seven — SEVEN! — USB ports for all the devices. And you can get the media version of triple A: Alexa, Apple and Android features so you can listen to your favorite podcast, get directions, send messages and more.


This is revolutionary for talking to kids in the back without yelling. With a touchscreen-controlled microphone, everyone can hear you just fine. Go ahead and sing those lyrics to the Drivers License song and make your teen squirm.

Look out, Tik Tok

The Integrated Toyota Dashcam is designed to reliably capture video, images, sound and location data while you operate your vehicle. It begins recording upon ignition to capture the drive, or on impact whether moving or while parked. Playback or video download is available via the smartphone app or PC tool once downloaded, and you can share these videos on your social media channels.

Take your slow cooker on a drive

Wait, what? Yep: you can get a 1500-watt power outlet to plug in whatever it is you need. Tailgating chili never tasted better.


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Meet Laura Augustine

Laura Augustine has worked as a finance assistant at Capitol Auto Group for 7 years. She is the proud mom of three kids (four, if you count her husband Chad): Ariel, age 23; Claudia, age 22; and Bryson, age 18. As a family, they love to go fishing and boating at Detroit Lake, and they also have four Saint Bernard Dogs: Grace, Ted, Jerry and Stuart.


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