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That really takes the cake!

Birthdays are the best. This year we got you something special: two delicious and healthful birthday cake recipe substitutions. With these simple adjustments, your future birthday cakes will be just as delicious and a bit more nutritious.

Cut oil with applesauce: The next time you make a birthday cake, cut the calorie count — and get a little saucy — by substituting ¼ cup of oil with applesauce. This will cut nearly 500 calories from the recipe without affecting the flavor. How do you like them apples?

Cream cheese frosting: Drop the heavy shortening-based frosting in favor of light and delicious cream cheese or whipped cream frostings, and give your cake a tasty lift. They have, on average, 1,000 fewer calories than shortening-based frosting, less fat, and they provide protein, which helps to balance blood sugar. Isn’t that sweet?


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