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Stuck in the car? Use the time to your advantage.

If you find yourself parked in a school pick-up line, you might as well put that time to good use.

Many moms spend hours in their cars, ferrying kids to and from school, sports, lessons and more. This lifestyle creates odd pockets of wait time that you can look at in one of two ways: a waste or a lovely gift. We prefer the positive view because there are many things you can do to use the time to your advantage.

If you have 10 minutes...

  • Make a call to schedule an appointment you need to make, like getting a mammogram or dental check-up.

  • Clean out your glove box. How many napkins do you really need in there anyway?

  • Check your car’s paperwork to see when your tags and insurance are due.

  • Look at your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and book necessary appointments. Keeping your car running its best is key to keeping family life on track.

  • Stare at the clouds for a mini relaxation sesh.

If you have 20 minutes...

  • Round up all the garbage in your car for an instant clean.

  • Keep tweezers handy for personal use. Natural light certainly has a way of showing those errant facial hairs.

  • Meditate. Try an app for guidance, if you’re new to it.

  • Go through a car wash.

  • Read a book or magazine — like MOM Magazine!

  • Organize your wallet and purse.

  • Hit the drive-through anything, like the bank, a favorite coffee hut, prescription pick-up, etc.

If you have 40 minutes...

  • Finally deliver those bags of charitable items in your trunk to a local donation site.

  • Food run: get dinner or snacks for those always-hungry kids.

  • If you’re by yourself, find a safe place to park, recline your seat and set an alarm for a power nap.

  • Stop by a self-serve car vacuum and suck out all the crackers from the crevices.

  • Call a friend or loved one for a real chat, instead of texting memes.

  • Clean out your phone’s photos and delete the trash. Same for bulky voice mails and unused apps that bloat your phone.

  • Visit that cute local food stand you’ve been meaning to see.

  • Bring a portable craft like knitting or an adult coloring book.


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Meet Laura Augustine

Laura Augustine has worked as a finance assistant at Capitol Auto Group for 7 years. She is the proud mom of three kids (four, if you count her husband Chad): Ariel, age 23; Claudia, age 22; and Bryson, age 18. As a family, they love to go fishing and boating at Detroit Lake, and they also have four Saint Bernard Dogs: Grace, Ted, Jerry and Stuart.


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