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Snack attacks

When a snack attack comes calling for the kiddos, be ready with something healthful and filling.

Edamame: Your kids will gather around a bowl of edamame like peas in a pod! They’re super fun to eat — the way each tender bean pops from the pod into the mouth is delightful. And they’re also low in cholesterol, rich in vitamins and minerals, and packed with protein to help make it a filling snack.

Go with Greek ‘Gurt: Speaking of protein-packed snacks, Greek yogurt is an excellent way to put a little yummy in small tummies. The protein makes it filling, the calcium supports growing bones, and the probiotics encourage good gut health. At the Co-op, you can be sure you’re only getting the good stuff. We don’t carry any dairy products with added hormones like rBST.

Bonuses: these items work well in packed school lunch boxes, and for busy moms who need protein, too!


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Jasmin Woodside of First Alternative Co-op and her children.


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