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Pet safety during the holidays

During the winter holidays, there are increased temptations and risks for our pets. It’s also a busy time for many moms, so the last thing you want on your list is a sick pet. Protect your fur-children from these common seasonal dangers...

Avoid giving your pet table scraps as the unfamiliar rich food can cause gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis. In particular, onions, garlic and raisins (often found in stuffing) are toxic to dogs, and bones can cause intestinal blockage or injury.

Consider separating pets from the Christmas tree or other indoor ornamentation. Glass and plastic ornaments can be broken or eaten, light strands chewed on, trees tipped over, or the basin water ingested. Tinsel is particularly attractive to cats, and when eaten, it can cause an intestinal blockage. Consider skipping the tinsel if you have cats in your household.

Many pets seek warmth, and during winter, they might cozy up to space heaters or other potentially dangerous sources of heat such as a fireplace. Ensure these are pet-proofed to avoid risks of burns or accidents.

We often host company over the holidays. Depending on the temperament of your pet, it may be important to give them a safe space to get away from the visitors. Consider setting up a baby gate to keep dogs out of guest rooms where they could potentially rummage through visitors’ suitcases and personal items.

With some advanced planning, your pets will be safe and happy — and ready for adorable family photos.


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