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Mind the gap!

Some teeth gaps are a signature look while others need orthodontic attention.

Think of the celebs out there with trademark teeth gaps: Michael Strahan, Lauren Hutton, Elton John...the list goes on.

Sometimes it's perfectly fine to rock a tooth gap as a unique and adorable feature, but other times gaps can create real health issues. The formal name for teeth gaps is diastema, and the underlying causes can include gum disease, improper bite, jawbone and/or tooth size, missing teeth and a history of thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting.

A board-certified orthodontist can give you a definitive answer on the cause of your tooth gap and whether or not it will cause future dental problems. You may want a gap fixed for aesthetic reasons, or to avoid getting food stuck in the gaps — this latter reason is important for avoiding gum disease and cavities.

Conventional braces, aligners, dental bonding, veneers or crowns might be suggested for you, depending on your unique situation.


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