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How to properly clean eyeglasses

This goes for sunglasses, too

Ah yes, the old wipe-on-the shirt method of cleaning one’s glasses is what many people do when they need a quick lens clean. But this just tends to smear oils and grime around. Do yourself a favor and clean your glasses properly. Starting with clean hands:

  • Run your glasses under warm water.

  • Wash with a non-lotion type of soap. Avoid the lotion types, as they can leave a film.

  • Don’t skip lathering the section above the nose, called the bridge, or the parts that sit on your ears, called the temple tips.

  • Dry glasses thoroughly with a lint-free or microfiber cloth. Avoid cloths treated with fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can leave smears.

Using a lens spray that is safe for polycarbonate and eyeglass coatings is also ideal. Again, a lint-free cloth is best. Do not use paper towels, as they can scratch the delicate glass.

Children who wear glasses will need help and reminders for this. Aim to clean glasses every one to two days, and take a moment to check for loose screws or broken hinges, heavy scratches or bent rims. If you notice any problems, call your optometry office for guidance.


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