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Flossing with braces

We get it: flossing when you have braces with wires and brackets is a challenge. All those nooks and crannies, plus navigating around the wire can be downright confounding. But fear not, we have our ways with a variety of tools that are widely available for home use.

Threaded flossing. A threader is a handy tool that allows you to thread floss through your teeth so you can floss the area above and then below the wire.

Super floss. Built on the same concept as a threader, except it has one stiff end that allows you thread it through faster.

Water flossing. These small machines are a solid investment for anyone who needs to up their flossing game, and they are great tool for people in traditional braces. The jetted water dislodges stuck bits of food between teeth. You’ll want to supervise younger children with water flossers until they get the hang of it. Keep the tips and water reservoir clean.

Harp or platypus flossers. You’ve likely seen these small plastic flossing devices, sold in packs at drug stores. They are able to fit under the wire, which is nice.

If you’re putting in the time, money and effort with braces, commit to good flossing for your overall dental and gum health. It’s worth it for a healthy, winning smile!


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