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Does your child need glasses?

When it comes to your child’s vision, perhaps they can put into words if there are changes, but many times not so much. A lot of the time, the changes are subtle. What to watch for:

  • Squinting, headaches, rubbing their eyes, tilting their heads, covering one eye to see.

  • Children who play sports are suddenly not seeing the ball.

  • Getting too close to see a book or screen, or the opposite — standing far away to see better.

  • Struggling in school: this presents in a variety of ways, such as trouble reading or concentrating, or even as disruptive behavior.

  • All of us have our clumsy moments, but pay attention to unusual and consistent tripping, bumping into things, etc.

As a family eye care practice, we are able to track and monitor any changes over time, and we can identify and address issues at their earliest stages. Keeping up with routine eye exams is part of total health.


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