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Does my baby need an eye exam?

Many parents are surprised to hear that their infants should have eye exams with an optometrist. Aren’t all of those well child visits enough?

Pediatrician’s exams are important for wellness, but the vision component is not comprehensive and important eye health markers can be missed. Optometrists can determine eye alignment, eyesight clarity, health and prescription even before a child can talk.

Babies ages 6 to 12 months of age benefit from eye exams because we can catch treatable conditions early, such as amblyopia. Often called lazy eye, amblyopia is the most common cause of preventable visual loss in children. Our office is equipped to detect, improve and resolve amblyopia at any age.

Parents often learn of their child’s eye conditions only when the child is old enough to explain their symptoms. Also with early eye exams, we can find signs of near and far-sightedness, crossing (strabismus) and more. All of these conditions are much easier to treat if caught early.

At an infant exam, we obviously won’t use a letter chart. Instead, we’ll watch how your baby tracks objects, as well as how their eyes move and focus, and more.


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