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Blue light not-so-special

Blue light refers to a specific color range of light emitted by any backlit device — if a device is brighter when it is on than off, it is likely emitting blue light.

Time spent staring into blue light is often referred to as screen time. To track your family’s total screen time, be sure to include all devices: phones, computers, tablets and TVs.

Here’s what you should know about blue light:

Blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle, as well as your child’s, if used right before bed. Research has shown that significant exposure to blue light can increase the risk of macular degeneration.

Products like blue-light blocking glasses can specifically target the problem (blue-violet) wavelengths and don’t have to appear yellow to be effective. Not all products on the market block the correct type of light. Ask us about blue-light blocking options. And power down those screens long before bedtime.


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