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A spooktacular Halloween for pets and humans

Costumes are a cute and festive way to celebrate Halloween with your pet, but make sure it won’t make them uncomfortable. Flowing costumes can be tripping hazards, while too-tight ones are constricting. Some dogs will try to eat parts of their costumes, so watch your pets constantly while they are wearing one.

During trick-or-treating or Halloween parties, frightened pets can bolt out the front door. Nervous or hyper dogs may do best with crating for the evening. Consider keeping your cat in a closed and quiet room. If separation from the party isn’t enough to prevent anxiety and destructive behavior, ask your veterinarian about sedation options beforehand.

If you opt to take your dog trick-or-treating, be aware that they are going to be exposed to sudden moves by children in unusual costumes and other excited dogs out with their families. If your gut tells you that your dog doesn’t have the temperament for this, leave them at home in a safe place.

Overindulgence is a concern for everyone on Halloween. Dogs can ingest toxic levels of chocolate and xylitol, which can be life-threatening. Remind children not to give any candy to the dog. If your dog does ingest candy, call 24/7 Salem Wilvet at (503) 741-8858 for advice.


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