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Winter exercise for your pets

When it’s cold, wet and gray, who wants to go outside and exercise? Your dog!

When the weather isn’t exactly cooperative for outside play, food puzzle balls are a great option for an indoor activity. These toys twist open so you can put food inside, allowing your pet to play with their breakfast or dinner. If you have a safe, clean garage space, use it for a mealtime game time: have your dog wait on one side of the garage, then toss a kibble across the garage and have them go get it. Be sure to have them come back, sit and wait before you repeat.

Laser pointers and feather toys can be entertaining for you and your feline friends. Be aware that dogs can become obsessed with laser pointers and it may not be as entertaining when they chase lights reflected off your phone or other objects.

To avoid weight gain, adjust your pet’s food amounts to their activity level: feed less when the weather prevents you from exercising, and increase meal portions when they spend all day playing with the kids or running in the woods. This simple measure goes a long way to preventing the winter bulge, in Oregon’s finest winter weather and all year long. Stop by the clinic anytime for a free weight check!


In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital

& Eastgate Veterinary Clinic

Jilinda Lewis, DVM Ark Animal Hospital


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