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We know you’re tired, but…

Please remove your makeup before you fall asleep

It’s late, and you just read Goodnight Moon to your toddler a thousand times. The temptation to skip your bedtime routine and give in to sleep is strong, but please take the time to remove eye makeup.

Not taking off your eye makeup before sleeping has consequences: your eyes have what are called meibomian glands near your lashes. These tiny, oil-secreting glands help keep your eyes clear and moisturized. When they’re clogged, it can lead to inflammation, styes, chalazions or even corneal abrasions.

Look for an eye makeup remover that is gel-based, paraben-free and oil-free. After removing makeup, you can use a gentle eyelid cleanser, to remove trace amounts of makeup as well as any leftover remover. Eyelid cleansers can help keep meibomian glands unclogged and working well; this is helpful for anyone with dry eyes.

And please don’t use makeup on the inside of the lash line, often called the “water line.” It clogs the meibomian glands, and particles from the makeup are more likely to migrate into your eyes. Protect your precious vision.

Sources: American Optometric Association, American Academy of Ophthalmology


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