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Top 5 Health Benefits of Archery

Archery is a safe, fun sport that is perfect for social distancing, with a host of benefits for children.

Remaining focused during a shot is important for every archer. It takes practice and discipline to keep their form and ignore distractions, which helps children learn how to handle other pressures and challenges. Archery also trains your hands to aim based on the feedback from your eyes, building hand-eye coordination that is key to many aspects of life and learning.

Kids as young as eight years of age generally have the strength to safely handle a beginner’s bow. When drawing back the bow, not only does the body use arm strength, it also utilizes the chest, shoulder and core.

It can be played individually or as a team (similar to gymnastics), which allows the archer to reach their own goals as well as goals of the team. Being part of a team helps children’s self-esteem, communication skills, peer relationships and more. When it comes to an activity, archery is on target!

Archery is an excellent way to get outside

Archery improves:

  • Focus

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Upper body strength

  • Social skills

  • Confidence


Brought to you by:

Karen Swanger is the Director of OSU KidSpirit Oregon 4-H Youth Programs


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