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‘Tis the season for budgeting

Whether you or your child need orthodontics, the thought of braces can be overwhelming. It’s important to know the facts when it comes to braces and maximizing all the benefits you can to make them affordable and financially stress-free.

Planning. Initial orthodontic consults are free of charge and can help you determine orthodontic needs and fees, allowing you to make a plan that works for your family.

Financing. Most orthodontic offices offer financing, interest-free and on flexible terms that work best for your needs.

Insurance. Most dental insurances carry an orthodontic benefit to help pay for orthodontic expenses. Your orthodontic team can help research, explain and utilize your benefit to its maximum potential.

Flexible spending and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Some employers offer the opportunity to contribute to a health savings or flexible spending account, which is a way to set aside money for medical expenses, pre-tax. Orthodontics are a great way to utilize these funds.


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