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The summer slide

It’s not a dance or playground equipment

Summer slide is the term educators give to the regression of learning children have after the long summer vacation. Without regular, structured learning, kids lose a significant amount of knowledge they gained during the academic year, which becomes a hurdle in the fall.

How to keep the summer slide at bay: keep learning! Reading is probably the number one most recommended tool for combating summer slide. Playing games, cooking and exploring hobbies are also opportunities to keep the mind engaged and flexible. Socio-emotional connections can also slide during long breaks, too. When kids have peers around them, they keep those skills and relationships.

At KidSpirit, our summer classes and camps are more than sports, arts, science and cooking — we aim to improve your child’s health and wellness through mental, physical, emotional and artistic development. With our programs, the only summer slide is the one at the playground.


Brought to you by:

Karen Swanger Director of OSU Kidspirit

OSU KidSpirit, OSU Extension & Outreach


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