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The spirit of giving, as a family

Finding ways to give and serve as a family is deeply rewarding. It helps role-model generosity and instills in your children the sense of being part of a community. This holiday season, and into the new year, consider ways to:

Give. Talk about how a handmade gift says, “You are worthy of my time and effort.” Plan early and follow through in making simple gifts that your child can give to special people in their lives. A child’s artwork is a beautiful present for relatives and friends, especially if their own children are past the age of adorable drawings.

Make. Cook something together and drop it off to a neighbor or a friend who could use a night off from cooking or enjoy a special treat. A bouquet of winter greens with a handmade note is another lovely gesture.

Serve. If there is a nursing home, mission organization or service group in your community, call them now about holiday events that your family might help with.

There’s something to be said about giving as a family: the shared experience amplifies all that is fulfilling and joyous, creating memories — and maybe even traditions — you carry into the future.

Santiam Christian wishes you a blessed Christmas.


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AnnaMarie Gosser

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