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The importance of dental X-Rays

Parents often ask why we recommend their children have dental X-rays taken. While a child’s smile may look healthy, there are parts of the tooth we cannot see with our eyes, such as the supporting structures below the gumline and the tight areas where teeth touch one another.

At a child’s dental visit, we use X-rays to rule out any tricky cavities that might be developing. This allows us to address those cavities while they are small — and before they create extensive damage and pain.

X-rays also give us a picture of how your child’s teeth are developing. While your child has their baby teeth, X-rays allow us to see their hidden permanent teeth and spot any issues with position, size, etc. This information is useful for parents to get an idea of future orthodontic care.

A complete picture of a child’s oral health is established with X-rays, and having a baseline helps as we compare X-rays from previous visits to monitor changes. How often we recommend dental X-rays depends on health history, diet and other factors; your pediatric dental team will guide you in this and many other aspects of your child’s dental care.

Source: AAPD


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