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The advantage of buying eyeglasses locally

We get it: you’re busy, and the allure of shopping online for eyeglasses seems like a great way to squeeze in a task while meeting the demands of your busy life. Before you click add to cart, consider the advantages of buying glasses in person.

Buyer beware: The precision of your prescription is of utmost importance, as not getting that right can cause depth perception issues, discomfort and even worsen vision. Like anything you buy online, the purchase is always a risk, as the manufacturing methods and materials could be of poor quality. In terms of durability, you really do get what you pay for. At first glance, the price might be lower online, but watch out for additional costs that sneak in right before the payment screen, like tints and non-glare coatings. Also note that your vision insurance may or may not cover an online retailer. Getting the right fit: How a pair of glasses feel when you wear them can make a world of difference in terms of comfort. When you shop in person, you can try on frames and get a sense of their weight, proportion to your face, color, etc. At our eye care centers, trained professionals guide you in selection and advise you on the options we have for each pair.

After your glasses have been made, we adjust them in person to your unique fit. Many of us have one ear that sits a tiny bit higher than the other, which is what opticians are trained to look for and adjust to each patient.

As we take glasses on and off, the fit can loosen, nose pads can shift, etc. Our patients can stop in for adjustments, repairs and tune-ups. It’s all part of what we do as a local business.


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