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Teaching friendship

Being a good friend may not come naturally to some children, and sometimes we have to teach our kiddos what that looks like. What better time than right before school starts?

Preschoolers start by playing beside their classmates, rather than with them. Then, as they grow and mature, they gradually begin cooperative play.

Practice taking turns with your child’s favorite toys. If they experience the frustration of learning to share with you, they are more likely to be able to share with their friends without tantrums or tears.

Model how to be a good friend by having your own friends and let your children see what that looks like. Spending time, sharing, back-and-forth conversation and genuine care and concern for each other are “friend basics.” Moms need friends too, so call up one of your own as part of preparing for back to school.


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Carla Towery is a Kindergarten teacher with Santiam Christian Schools.


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